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Every person on this planet has the universal life force energy moving through them, as we are in fact a part of that energy. Reiki (Ray-key) means universal life force energy. This is our connection to each other and to all that is. This life force is pure unconditional love and is unlimited in it's potential to love, to heal, and to create. It is only our programming of lack, limitation and negativity that we choose which creates our challenges in the physical world. We also live in a reality of free will, which means we determine through our choices the life we experience. The universal life force does not interfere with this but rather co-creates with us that which we live inside of ourselves.

Reiki is far more than a physical healing modality. It also enhances the mind, emotions and our spiritual awareness, bringing the four aspects of ourselves (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) into balance, which is essential in supporting our ability to heal ourselves.

Being attuned to Reiki energy is a sacred and empowering experience and is often life changing. Working in service with the universal life force energy is both humbling and rewarding, and offers opportunities to be of service to others who are in need.

Transmitting this energy through their hands, the attuned Reiki practitioner is then able to channel this energy to others, providing healing where it is required.

A Brief History of Reiki
Dr. Mikao Usui, born in Japan in the mid-nineteenth century, rediscovered Reiki. This does not mean that Reiki is Japanese, or does it belong to any particular religion or country. Reiki is universal! Mikao Usui was extremely interested in healing and made it his mission to find a way to heal the sick. Obviously inspired by higher forces, he was eventually guided to read the Sanskrit Sutra and from this found a way to contact a higher healing force, but not the ability to heal.

Dr. Usui then decided to go to the holy mountain of Kori Yama in his home country were he meditated, fasted and followed the directions to contact this healing power. He set before him 21 rocks and as each day passed he threw away one rock. Eventually he threw away the last rock and had still not contacted the healing power. Then just before dawn he stood up and looked towards the horizon and noticed a point of light coming towards him. He also realized that the light was communicating with him and it had a consciousness. This was the healing power that he had been searching for! Dr. Usui knew at that moment to receive the healing power he must be struck by THE LIGHT, but he also knew that to do this might cost him his physical life. As his life mission was dedicated to searching for this healing power, he promptly decided not to give up, and stand his ground. The light struck Dr. Usui unconscious and it was during this time he was shown many rainbow colored bubbles, which contained symbols that appeared slowly enough for him to register and learn. As this was happening, he was being attuned to this energy and given the knowledge as to its use and also given the ability to pass on attunements to other people.

Reiki is now practiced in many countries all over the world. Before his death in 1930, Dr. Usui gave the master attunement to sixteen teachers, which consisted of the Reiki energy, the symbols, the attunement process and the Reiki ideals or principles. Other teachers along the way have added other helpful procedures such as hand positions and metaphysical diagnosis.

Master/Teacher Dale McKay is ninth down the line of masters from Dr. Mikao Usui. The Usui method of teaching is to keep it simple, flexible and intuitive.

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