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Metamorphic Technique

This is a simple hands-on approach plus a philosophy of life that addresses the underlying strees patterns (genetic or learned) rather than the symptoms of dis-ease.  This technique is based in the ancient Chinese concept of reflexology p oints.  The prenatal period and conseption itself are addressed as energy becomes blocked during our creation process.  This technique is non-invasive and non-directive, and one does not have to divulge or intellectualize their blocks or past traumas.  It is a truly unique and profound approach to healing. 


  • May be performed on you, others of all ages (children love it)
  • No previous experience or alternative health course required
  • It is a philosophy and a way of life that includes hands-on approach, which is easily incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Problems are removed before developing into dis-ease.
  • Benificial for all ages - in utero, infants, children, adults
  • MT addresses the underlying patterns that develop into addictions, illness, trauma, anxiety, chronic stress, mental disorders and physical pain. It addresses birth issues, shock, preconception, conception
  • Robert St. John found it very effective with hyperactivity, ADD, Downs Synrome and autism
  • When performed during pregnancy it has decreased the pain and length of labour
  • Has proven to be helpful in relationship issues
  • The approach is for the "whole" person rather than to focus on symptoms
  • It's a simple technique that anyone can learn if they are open and willing to learn

Who might be interested in learning Metamorphic Technique / Metamorphosis?

  • Midwives, doulas, anyone who works in a birth related area
  • Parents, couples, individuals interested in personal growth for themselves and or their family
  • Health professionals who have clients with difficult or chronic mental, emotional, physical or behavioural patterns
  • It is best to try MT on its own for a while and not mix it with other modalities. This way you know which therapy is beneficial to you.



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