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Drum Making

Create the Heartbeat of Your Life
With J. Andrew Baker

Discover the art of Drummaking, as you put your heart and soul into your own personal Native Hand Drum. Realize the rich teachings and Divinity of the Drum as we birth the Rhythm of your Heart to Life.

What Will I Experience?
  • The Story of the Aboriginal  Sacred Drum
  • Learn the process of making your own Native Hand-drum
  • Discover the story your drum tells of your life
  • Tap into your own personal rhythm
  • Learn the process of a Native Honouring or Birth Feast
  • Discover your innate ability to Divine symbolism
  • Gain a wonderful circle of friend, connected to each other by the sacred process of making a sacred drum 

Bring a Stick, a Square Yard of Red Natural Fabric, Scissors and a Open Heart

This is a 2 day class.  We will make the drum one week and "birth" the drum the following week.

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